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India Domain follows industry standards in its approach towards providing various services.

India Domain's e-business practice is to assist our clients harness Internet-based technologies for a strategic advantage in the market place. We strive to deliver quality solutions to our customers that are on time andwithin budget. The cornerstone of our success lies in our own proven methodology developed over time through experience and by leveraging the best of breed practices from leading software development groups. 

In this section we describe the processes that we follow to deliver quality services and products.

The whole cycle starts with India Domain's consultants meeting with individuals within your organization to develop an implementation proposal. Our proven methodology is iterative in nature that keeps you involved at every level to ensure rapid and accurate implementation.

We enable businesses to:

  • Expand and strengthen key relationships through e-Partnering with suppliers and customers.

  • Create substantial competitive advantages as they enter new markets and expand current ones.

  • The practice offerings that support our mission include the following:

Business Process Management: It will get you from the preliminary business analysis and process modeling stages to systems requirements for process implementation. 

Technology Management: We assess your current business goals, infrastructure, systems development practices and skill levels. We then determine where you want to be and map out a detailed plan which includes laying out the new component architecture, evaluating and selecting the right tools and methodologies, tailoring the selected methodology to fit your corporate culture, and finally, designing guidelines for optimal development processes and reuse. 

Systems Development: These services include project training, mentoring and consulting. We help you find the right pilot project to minimize risk and to put the plan into action. We make sure that our Component Based Technology project is successful: meaning on-time, on-budget with all members up to speed and ready to go on to the next project.

Risk-assessment techniques: Our project plans include vital information on the project's objectives, deliverables, and schedule so that expectations are always clearly communicated to all members of the combined team. We also employ risk-assessment techniques during the lifetime of each project to guarantee that appropriate actions are taken early and often against all issues that could negatively impact the success of your project.

The success or failure of any Internet and IT project depends on careful implementation and monitoring by managers with specialized expertise that goes well beyond basic management techniques. In addition to a thorough grasp of the specific type of business, project managers need to have extensive Internet and IT experience to ensure on-time delivery, within budget and up to specifications. India Domain uses specific project management procedures and proprietary project management tools to get the job done right - the first time. Our project managers come from a variety of business backgrounds and are highly experienced in multiple Internet and IT project implementations across a range of industries. At India Domain, we know your business as well as we know the fast-evolving world of Internet and IT solutions.

At India Domain we are focused on success - the success of your business and the success of your project. We ensure success of every project by employing our own Component Based Development Methodology - built from highly innovative techniques and years of hard-won experience. This methodology is translated into tangible results such as:

  • Customizable blocks of code: Our Component-based Development Methodology involves assembling pre-built, pre-tested independent blocks of code, or components, that can be customized to meet your specific needs and modified as those needs change. These blocks can be quickly assembled to demonstrate a working application early in the development lifecycle that can be continuously refined and customized throughout the lifecycle, simplifying the requirement definition.

  • Provides flexibility: It provides greater flexibility, not only in the current development process, but also in future maintenance and upgrading projects. In addition, the ability to re-use components reduces testing requirements and increases overall quality and reliability.

  • Fast delivery: This Component Based Development Methodology of ours not only lowers risk but also means earlier delivery and deployment of part of the solution. 
    We begin every e-business and custom software project with an exploration of your company's goals, your objectives, and the technical alternatives available to you. And, in this very fast-paced environment, the alternatives are great, with the choices changing every day.

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