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When turning your business to e-Business, major restructuring of existing processes is needed. We have helped over 500 clients to transform their enterprises to e-Businesses. We have developed proven techniques to ensure asmooth, risk-free transition.

Choosing the wrong e-Business strategy can be a costly mistake for any company establishing or enhancing its presence on the Web. Before committing valuable resources, it's crucial to have the complete picture of the dynamic nature of the Web, including the importance of partnerships, platforms and people to achieve your objectives. 

At India Domain, our experienced strategy consultants know exactly what it takes to launch your organization onto the Internet quickly and cost-effectively. We can help you understand and define the implications and benefitsof the emerging e-marketplace model and catapult your business ahead of the competition. We can identify opportunities and increase your speed to market - on time and on budget.

The approach of our Consultants towards your transformation to e-Business begins with Business Advisory Services. These are:

indiadomain Analyzing your business and providing an Enterprise framework
for developing e-Business capabilities to ensure meeting of 
  business goals.

indiadomain A low-risk approach which allows existing business systems to 
  be accessible

indiadomain Integrating the Strategic Applications and deploying them 

indiadomain Assessing and helping your businesses realize the potential 
  from e-Business investments

indiadomain Re-engineering strategies wherever needed

The Six Sigma Services of India domain

1. e-Business Consulting Services
India Domain offers Management Consulting services to help organizations define and refine their e-business strategy. The overall goal of these services is to provide an enterprise framework for developing e-businesscapabilities to ensure that the business goals of the organization are met.

2. e-Transformation of Legacy Systems
E-Transformation refers to the concept and process of allowing existing business systems to be accessible from the common Internet browser.

This approach allows organizations to take a tactical step forward with their e-business plans by simply providing a browser interface in front of their existing legacy applications. Similar in concept to traditional "Screen-Scraping", this approach is low risk and allows clients to port existing functionality to the web in a short timeframe. 

The Transformation of legacy systems can be used to extend the reach of a system within an organization, over an Intranet. This technique can also be used to extend the reach of a system to external business partners over an Extranet. 

3. e-Enhancement of Strategic Applications
E-Enhancement refers to the process of extending the business functionality of existing strategic applications by integrating them with Intranet, Extranet and public Internet capabilities.

This approach allows organizations to implement more integrated business solutions by linking existing application systems and/or databases to new Web-based functionality. Through the use of Web Servers, Middleware and the growing IT infrastructure, these solutions can be deployed quickly. 

4. e-Customized Application Development 
E-Customization Application Development refers to the design and development of new e-business application systems that directly promote the strategic direction of the corporate e-business strategy. 

5. e-Business Assessment Services
E-Business Assessment Services refers to a wide range of traditional and non-traditional services that are designed to help an organization gain a more thorough understanding of the potential benefits from e-business investments. This service also helps organizations assess the gaps between what is in production today and what the business would like to achieve. 

6. e-Re-engineering Services
The scope of the e-Re-engineering Services is to provide organizations with the architectural framework for implementing secure, high availability networks to support Internet services. 

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