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What can e-Business do for you?

Here are 9 different ways in which e-business can touch virtually every part of your organization, transform it, and contribute to your bottom line:

1. Improve Customer Service

As an e-business you’re able to offer outstanding service to each and every customer. Customers can easily interact with your business on a 24x7x365 basis, using self-service applications over the Web.

They receive personalized products and services every time they come in contact with you. All your systems are fully integrated, so your business is always equipped with all the accurate, up to date information necessary to respond to their needs and queries immediately.

2. Improve Customer Retention Rates

By improving your customer service you automatically increase customer satisfaction. 

You know exactly who your customers are, what they want, how to respond to their needs – and even how to anticipate their wants. What’s more, as a completely integrated enterprise, you are able to deliver your products and services much faster, and cheaper, than ever before. And thanks to your enhanced customer satisfaction, you are able to attract and retain customers like never before.

Only e-business makes this possible, because it enables you to meet even the highest customer expectations, and to deliver on demand.

3. Slash Operating Costs

As an e-business you are not only able to improve your service, but also slash your operating costs.

Web technologies make self-service possible for your customers, employees, and business partners, so you can dramatically reduce costs in every area of your business, including:

indiadomain Customer service
indiadomain Procurement 
indiadomain Business-to-Business interactions
indiadomain Sales Marketing 
indiadomain Information technology 
indiadomain Data processing 
indiadomain Human resources 
indiadomain Business administration 
indiadomainFinancial management

4. Enhance Product/Service Quality

e-business enables you to significantly improve the quality of your products and services.

With improved customer intelligence, you know exactly what your customers want. Plus you have access to a wide range of suppliers (perhaps around the world) who can bid for your business –allowing you to pick and choose them based on quality, price, date of delivery, etc.

Also, because your value chain is completely connected (customers to suppliers, and suppliers to customers), your quality of service also improves - you are able to deliver exactly what is needed, when it is needed. And you can work online with your suppliers to manage inventories, providing products and services faster, and cheaper, than ever before.

5. Improve Business Efficiency

e-business helps make your entire organization more efficient. Your systems are integrated, processes are streamlined, and everyone is sharing the same, accurate, timely information. 

By installing Web-technologies, you are able to:

indiadomain Integrate all your systems into one comprehensive, connected value chain
indiadomain Consolidate your data and data centers
indiadomain Streamline your administrative processes, using self-service applications

6. Improve Competitiveness

With e-business you are highly competitive. You are operating in a global marketplace. You get a 360-degree view of your company, as well as a comprehensive view of your customers.

What’s more, you have suppliers bidding for your business. You have the business intelligence to make accurate, timely decisions - and the ability to monitor their impact across the company. Your employees are focused on improving service and relationship-building.

7. Improve Business Intelligence

Your supply chain, operations and customer-facing systems are electronically connected, giving you a new extended enterprise, supported by suites of integrated, Web-enabled applications.

As an e-business you employ the information generated by these systems to run your operations more efficiently, capture and retain customers more effectively. You are now able to gain insights throughout your organization, to discover new business opportunities quickly, to understand business risks better, and to align your operations more closely with your corporate objectives.

8. Extend Market Coverage

By developing a presence on the Internet, you are able to extend your market coverage hugely, getting not just nationwide coverage, but global coverage. Thus even a small, local company can rapidly and easily transform itself into a global player.

9. Slash Administrative Errors

As an e-business, your employees, customers and suppliers all perform transactions themselves, using Web-based self-service applications.

Hence, intermediation and delays are eliminated, and administrative errors are slashed. No more data entry clerks. No more lost paperwork. Transactions are now processed quickly, cheaply … and most important, much more accurately.

What kind of business can benefit from e-business implementation?

It is especially useful for small and medium-scale enterprises, corporates, business groups, cross-functional verticals, consultancies, service providers and other organizations with high growth rates, particularly in green-field areas.

It is particularly useful in industries such as :
. Agriculture . Construction & Building
. Automobiles . Energy
. Chemicals . Financial Services
. Electrical & Electronics . FMCG companies
. Food & Beverages . Healthcare
. Hospitality & Travel . Industrial Equipment
. Information Technology . Media & Advertising
. Printing & Publishing . Pharmaceuticals
. Real Estate . Retailing
. Telecommunications . Transport & Logistics etc.
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