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Content Management System


What is an Content Management System?
In today’s Net-speed world, the most important link between a company and its customers is often the ability to deliver relevant and constantly updated information, or content. The ability to manage dynamic content is of paramount importance, and it can make a huge difference in customer acquisition and retention. It is therefore central to the company’s business success.

An e-Content Management System (also commonly called e-CMS) involves the integration of database, workflow and editorial tools. It enables content to be stored, retrieved, edited, updated, controlled, and outputted in a variety of ways. What is key to this entire process is that the incremental cost of each update cycle and output production shrinks significantly over time.

What exactly can e-CMS do for you?
An effective e-CMS enables you to manage content efficiently and easily, while minimizing technical personnel and maximizing organizational productivity. It lets you identify, organize, store, retrieve, publish and share content quickly, accurately and seamlessly all from a single system.

A good Content Management System will help you achieve three key advantages:

indiadomain Leverage information as a strategic asset
indiadomain Reduce time to market
indiadomain Enhance customer loyalty

Thus it helps you meet the growing pressures on you to deliver better, quicker content, which come to you from a variety of sources, such as:

indiadomain More demanding consumers
indiadomain Increased channel partners
indiadomain Diverse media requirements
indiadomain Multiple delivery channels
indiadomain Dynamic technology
indiadomain e-CMS can play a critical role for any enterprise seeking to get as close to its customer as possible
indiadomain It is particularly relevant for Portals, and any player who has a significant Web presence

How can India Domain help you?
India Domain specializes in developing customized e-CMS solutions. We offer you an e-CMS solution that does more than just store and serve content. It enables you to create e-business scenarios, customized sequences of targeted customer interactions that enhance productive relationships. Such e-business scenarios give you the ability to know your customer better, respond to their needs faster, and build strong long-term loyalty.

Key Features
. Online HTML Editors . Modify
. Banner Management . Delete pages
. News Management . Content Access 
. Navigation Management . Privilege Management
. Poll Administration . Registration & User Management
. Tools to Edit . Layout Management

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