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Customer Relationship Management


What is e-Customer Relationship Management?
Electronic Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM) is based on some basic principles such as, 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers and it is less expensive to retain an existing customer than get a new customer. A satisfied customer also tells 2 other people of your services while an unsatisfied customer tells 10 others of your shortcomings

e-CRM uses the latest web technologies to read, manage and analyze customer databases to provide you with the detailed information you require for effective customer acquisition and retention. 

The basic features of e-CRM therefore are :

indiadomain Enables a personalized relationship with customers.
indiadomain Offers integrated customer information from all departments into one centralized knowledge base.
indiadomain Has a totally integrated, customer-centric approach.
indiadomain Employs e-business technologies to extend customer service and offers a variety of solutions tailored to your specific needs.

What exactly can e-CRM do for you?
Today your customers want access to your company 24 hours a day. They want to know when their orders were shipped, and what their account balances are. They want salespeople and call-centre representatives who can answer their questions right now.

Today, more than ever before, it is essential for a company to excel at every single customer contact point, be it at the retail-point, in the call-centre, via the Internet, or through sales and service agents.

e-CRM makes all this possible, and viable. It enables:

indiadomain The company’s representatives across all contact points to retrieve customer data from anywhere, anytime.
indiadomain Personalized service to each customer, based on individual wants.
indiadomain More ways than one to reach and service customers.
indiadomain Increased customer satisfaction, leading to higher customer retention.
indiadomain Customized solution for your customers business requirements.

Hence e-CRM can lead to enhanced customer experience, identification and retention of the most profitable customers, increased market share, reduced costs of customer servicing and ultimately a greater return on your e-CRM investment. e-CRM is relevant across the entire spectrum of businesses, where customer satisfaction is critical.

How can India Domain help you?
India Domain’s customized e-CRM solutions give your customer a consistent, high-quality experience at every point of contact within your business. As a result your customers feel completely in control, as they are able to access information when, where and how they want to. And since they have more power and more choices, they have fewer reasons to turn to your competitors.

At the same time, our solutions make important improvements to your internal processes, such as :

indiadomain Integrating legacy and IT systems to streamline access to real-time database both input and output.
indiadomain Providing sales and marketing data with higher levels of accuracy and efficiency.
indiadomain Reducing the sales cycle by adjusting levels of service to maximize Return on Investment (ROI).

Key Features
. e-mail - Auto Response . White Boarding
. Auto Suggest  . Self Help-FAQs answered    automatically
. Multiple Response   
. Auto Text . VOIP Reports
. Live Chat-Proactive & Reactive . Collaborative Browsing
. Text Chat .. Inbound & Outbound   e-mail

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