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What is e-Learning?
In today’s new economy the company that will succeed is the one that is nimble, responsive and, above all, smart. In fact, this is becoming an imperative for survival, let alone success. Hence every company needs to enhance employee learning on a virtually continual basis.

e-Learning is an innovative way to the meet this learning imperative, effectively, efficiently and economically, through custom-tailored, web-enabled learning solutions. In fact, it is fast becoming the training tool of choice for any company that believes that employee knowledge empowerment is a key issue for its development.

What exactly can e-Learning do for you?
Today as always in order to succeed a company must ensure that it achieves the following: Increase sales, Accelerate time to market, Raise productivity, Boost employee retention, Foster customer loyalty, Increase customer conversions, Add new revenue streams, Cut down expenses, Reduce training time.

e-Learning helps you achieve all this by providing the necessary training inputs. Its advantage is that it delivers knowledge and skills throughout an organization very rapidly - and delivers measurable, bottom-line business results. 

Here are some of its many advantages and benefits : 

indiadomain Convenient access to learning - anytime, anywhere
indiadomain Self-paced format that accommodates all levels and schedules
indiadomain More measurable than other forms of learning and training
indiadomain More cost-effective than in-person training
indiadomain Does not require time away from the office, client engagements, or  sales calls
indiadomain Consistency of message (everyone gets the same information, in the same format)
indiadomain Faster sales ramp-up time for new products
indiadomain Higher completion rates
indiadomain Engaging and interactive learning environment
indiadomain Simulations allow learners to test their skills in a safe environment
indiadomain Instant, global deployment, and updating facility
indiadomain Minimal technology requirements (Internet-connected computer and Web browser)

How can India Domain help you?
India Domain has developed significant domain expertise in e-Learning, partly through our experience in working with different types of organizations across various industries, and partly through our in-house R&D on the human learning process.

e-Learning is relevant to any company with a knowledge imperative, and with operations spread across diversified locations within India, or globally. 

Key Features

. Learner Control Tools 

. Simulation 

. Skill Assessment Tools

. Survey

. Search Online

. Links & Affiliates

. Appraisal Tools

. Membership Management Tools

. Discussion Forums

. Evaluation Tools


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