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Management Information Systems


What is e-Management Information Systems? 
e-MIS is a set of centrally coordinated, Web-enabled components, comprising Management Information Systems and Knowledge Management tools, which integrate all the organization’s departments with a view to increasing its functional efficiency and putting into place a strategic IT Plan.

e-MIS transforms basic data into fact-based and actionable business information. It opens up a number of possibilities for the company, ranging from spotting customer trends to reducing financial risk. As a result it can help you gain and maintain a major competitive advantage.

In fact, according to an International Data Corporation study of 65 companies, the mean return on an e-MIS investment was greater than 400% over a span of 2 to 3 years.

What exactly can e-MIS do for you?
e-MIS is probably the most cost-effective, quickest and easiest way of improving your organization’s functional effectiveness and competitive advantage. 

What it does, is to analyze and interpret vast quantities of existing in-house data - customer demographics, product-purchase histories, cross-sales, service calls, Internet experience, online transactions, etc. - and turns all this into insights that can help you develop new strategies to gain a competitive edge for your company.

All this can benefit you in a number of ways :

indiadomain Assists in taking critical decisions, such as which markets to enter, which customers to pursue, and which products to promote.
indiadomain Retains your best customers, by understanding them better:  their wants, needs and buying patterns.
indiadomain Uncovers new sales opportunities.
indiadomain Enhances your revenue streams and profitability.
indiadomain Enhances supplier relationships.
indiadomain Reduces financial risk.

Overall it improves the organization’s functional effectiveness by identifying potential customers, enables you to build strong relationships with customers and associates, making your company much more competitive.

What’s more, since this solution is web-based, it doesn’t call for any heavy capital expenditure in hardware and licensed software. All the new business intelligence can be distributed through out your entire organization, and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, with just an Internet connection.

It is extremely easy to use, offering your employees single-click access to queries, reports, and setup actions.

e-MIS is most relevant to enterprises with the following profile:

indiadomain Large number of customers
indiadomain Very high level of competition, and a need for being different
indiadomain Large volumes of data collected

It is ideal for companies that operate on a large scale-geographic, width or depth of product range or those that have a high service and reporting requirements.

How can India Domain help you? 
India Domain can help you capitalize on the massive amounts of information already existing within your organization and use it to transform the organization into a nimble, customer-focused, information-driven e-business.

Our Business Intelligence solutions focus on database analysis, campaign management and planning. They include data warehouse creation, data mining, OLAP query and reporting, campaign management applications, and all the services necessary to install, implement and integrate these elements.

Key Features

. Market Analysis Reports

. Accounting & Finance  Reports

. Marketing Campaign 

. Profitability Ananlysis

. Analysis Reports

. Target & Budget Analysis

. Sales Forecasts

. Business Intelligence

. Sales Activity Reports

. User & Access Management

. Production Reports

. Inbound Data Entry

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