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Enterprise Collaborative Portal


What is an Enterprise Collaborative Portal?
Today’s professionals are flooded with information from all directions, but ironically, it’s getting harder and harder for them to find the information they really need.

The problem is, corporates have too many tools for accessing data, and busy professionals have too little time to learn how to use them effectively. The solution to this problem is an enterprise collaborative portal (ECP), which gives business users a common interface and access-point to all data, inside, as well as outside the organization.

Users can access any information they require - including structured and unstructured data - without necessarily having to know its exact location or format.

What exactly can an Enterprise Collaborative Portal do for you?

Here are some of the advantages an enterprise collaborative portal offers you :

indiadomain Reduces search and marketing costs for your company

indiadomain Consolidates all the business reports, documents, spreadsheets, data cubes, etc. generated anywhere in your organization, by any application, and make    them easily  accessible (subject to security authorization, of course) to  non-technical users via standard browser technology

indiadomain Provides an interface to manage common resources such as task lists, events, advertisements, and discussion forums

indiadomain Enhances your ability to target specific customers

indiadomain Enables you to fine-tune and add value to your existing products and services in order to meet your customer’s exact  requirements

indiadomain An enterprise portal can be extremely useful for any business house that needs intensive collaboration among its stakeholders, particularly if it has diverse   businesses across geographical locations.

How can India Domain help you?
Our experience in developing enterprise portals for various segments of industry gives us an edge in delivering a complete solution to meet your business needs. Meanwhile, our R&D group is continuously working to develop our knowledge-base to keep pace with changing business requirements.

As a result, our enterprise portals score very high in terms of Scalability, Search/Navigability, Security, Dynamic Execution, Ease of Use, Ease of Administration, Extranet Support, Personalization / Customization.

Key Features
. Chat Calendar . Task Management 
. User Registration & Management  . Collaboration Tools 
. Content Management  . News Services

. Search  

. Message & Discussion Boards 
. Application Forms  . Reference Tools  

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