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What is e-Procurement?
e-Procurement is a key component of B2B e-commerce. It ensures the procurement of primary raw materials, indirect goods, capital expenditures and services.

The web-based interface and electronic catalogs allow your employees to order goods and services by sending, receiving and evaluating quotations online. The source of these goods and services may be:

indiadomain Direct from the manufacturer or approved service provider
indiadomain Through a distributor
indiadomain Through a trading network that serves as an intermediary

What exactly can e-Procurement do for you?
The purchasing process within most large enterprises often remains the last bastion of paper-dominated processes. In today’s rapidly changing landscape of prices, products, and policies, these outdated processes are major bottlenecks. In addition, multiple disconnected processes make it difficult to capture all the buying activities for increased control, leverage, and analysis of your spending.

Some typical problems are:

indiadomain Too many suppliers make it difficult to find the best source for 
  each purchase
indiadomain Getting up-to-date prices and availability is difficult
indiadomain Internal approval process is cumbersome
indiadomain Product and price comparisons are hard to make
indiadomain Purchasing professionals spend too much time on transaction 
  processing rather than on value-added activities

An e-Procurement solution can dramatically transform this scenario and it:

indiadomain Reduces the administration expenses associated with the ordering and procurement of the required goods and services.
indiadomain Makes it easier for employees to buy from preferred vendors.
indiadomain Facilitates the process of purchase negotiation with suppliers.
indiadomain Reduces spending on non-productive goods and services.
indiadomain Automates the acquisition of the goods and services required to run your company which can lead to dramatic cost  reductions.
indiadomain e-Procurement can be a very effective tool for any enterprise having a large number of geographically diverse suppliers.

How can India Domain help you ?
India Domain’s long experience in developing e-marketplaces for a wide range of industries has given us a unique insight into procurement processes, and their requirements.

Key Features
. Search  . Order Fulfillment 
. Suppliers Product Samples . Advanced Reports
. Sending RFQs  . Returned Goods Management
. Evaluating Offers . Purchase Ordering 
. Vendors Account  Management . Sales Invoicing
. Quotation Comparison . Inventory / Shipping 
. Auto Invoicing  . Site Administrator
. Buying Services . Qualification
. Business Partner


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