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Supply Chain Management


What is e-Supply Chain Management?
Electronic Supply Chain Management (e-SCM) is an optimization of business processes and business value in every corner of the extended enterprise - right from your supplier’s supplier to your customer’s customer.

It uses e-business concepts and Web technology to manage beyond the enterprise, both upstream and downstream. This strategic approach unites all the steps in the business cycle, from initial product design and procurement of raw materials, through shipping, distribution, and warehousing right up to the point when the finished product is delivered to the customer. These in turn lead to:

indiadomain Improved relations with channel partners
indiadomain Better control over budgeting and investments

What exactly can e-SCM do for you?
An e-SCM solution can bring about a dramatic reduction in your costs, and integrate your enterprise closely with all the other players involved in your processes. And, in doing this, it goes one big step beyond a mere ERP solution.

Here, is what it can do for your company:

indiadomain Tie together all the players in the extended enterprise, from raw materials to final point of distribution.

indiadomain Give real-time market information to these players, allowing  them to anticipate and adjust their operations in response to  market conditions.

indiadomain Help eliminate costly stockpiling against demand spikes, freeing up resources and reducing costs.

indiadomain Lower costs, improve speed and increase the accuracy of data sharing within the extended enterprise.

indiadomain A truly integrated supply chain creates value-for the enterprise, its supply chain partners, and its shareholders.

indiadomain e-SCM is particularly relevant to diversified business houses with complex supply chain networks, to companies with wide distribution systems, and to    enterprises that depend on a large number of out-sourced products.

How can India Domain help you?
We offer industry-specific solutions, addressing the unique supply chain issues within and across individual industries.

Key Features
. Inventory & Stock Management . Transit Time Calculator
. Shipping Management . Shipping Cost Calculator
. Advanced Reports . Optimum Load Calculator
. Search  . Online Tracking 
. Site Administrator . Decision Support Tools
. Location Tracer  . Accounts & Finance Management

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