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Sales Force Automation


What is e-Sales Force Automation?
e-Sales Force Automation (or e-SFA for short) is a Web-based application, which uses the power of the Internet to link the corporate office with it’s marketing network, no matter how remote or far-flung it may be. It is an extremely useful and cost-effective medium of communication, as well as collaboration.

It enables you to automate various key sales functions, such as Sales Process, Sales Cycle, Lead Generation, Contact Management, Scheduling of Presentations, Tracking Issues, Customer Information Management, and Customer Care Coordination.

What exactly can e-SFA do for you?
An effective e-SFA solution can provide management with rapid access to all vital sales data while the salesman is still on the road. Thus it gives you a major competitive edge, speeding up response times, multiplying productivity, streamlining operations and cutting down costs. It can enhance your company’s efficiencies at almost every point in the sales management function by enabling you to :

indiadomain Target your marketing efforts more precisely
indiadomain Generate more qualified leads (and less unqualified ones)
indiadomain Turn more leads into new opportunities
indiadomain Improved relations with channel partners
indiadomain Better control over budgeting and investments 
indiadomain Close a higher ratio of opportunities
indiadomain Serve your customers better
indiadomain Monitor your sales staff more effectively
indiadomain e-mail, maintain To-do Lists, Meeting Calendars and Phone Call  Calendars.
indiadomain Maintain high task-orientation of staff, and pace activities at goal levels
indiadomain Maintain Lead Activity Reports and Sales Reports, which show  whether leads have been followed  up on or not 

e-SFA can make a major contribution to any company that has multiple locations and far-flung sales and marketing networks. It would be particularly relevant to players in the following sectors: 

Pharmaceuticals, FMCGs, Consumer Durables, and Service Industry. 

What can India Domain do for you?
India Domain brings an in-depth understanding of the requirements of Sales Force Automation, made possible by the experience of our business analysts working with clients across a range of industries. Hence, we are able to recommend solutions that will best fit your company’s needs, and business processes.

 Key Features
Contact Management  Marketing  Management
Lead-tracking Schedules & Calendar
Lead Pass Sales Repository
Sales Call Planning

Sales Accounting
Activity Management Performance & 
To-Do Lists  Productivity 

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