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At India Domain we are focused on success: the success of your project, and the success of your business. And to ensure that we achieve success on every project, we employ our own Component-Based Development Methodology developed with highly innovative techniques and backed by years of hard-won experience.

This Component-Based Development Methodology involves assembling pre-built, pre-tested independent blocks of code that can be customized to meet your specific needs, and modified as those needs change. India Domain has with it’s experience and expertise developed an extensive repository of components which enable us in developing and deploying faster e-business solutions.

This approach provides greater flexibility, not only in the current development process, but also in future maintenance and upgrading projects. In addition, it reduces testing requirements, increases overall quality and reliability, lowers risk, and ensures earlier delivery and deployment of part of the solution.

We begin every e-Business and Custom Software project by carefully studying your company’s goals, objectives, and the technical alternatives available to you. Our project plans include vital information on the project’s objectives, deliverables, and schedule, so that expectations are always clearly communicated to all members of the combined team. We also employ risk-assessment techniques during the lifetime of each project, to guarantee that appropriate actions are taken early, and often, against all issues that could hamper the project’s success. 

7 Step Methodology
Our rigorous approach includes 7 steps, each one being an independent component, with its own target dates, tasks and milestones:


      1. Assessment Phase

This information-intensive phase includes a Requirements Definition Document (RDD), which describes the required functionality, environment, and interfaces for your project.

Our Proposal includes a project estimate and a preliminary Project Plan. These documents outline exactly how and when we propose to develop and deliver your project, giving you the opportunity to vary the project requirements, if necessary, before the project begins.

       2. Analysis

Once the Proposal is accepted, we work with you to arrive at detailed Functional Specifications, which define the system behavior. After you accept these Functional Specifications Document (FSD), we will deliver an updated estimate and Project Plan.

      3. Design

After evaluating several designs, the best solution is chosen. Design Specifications for our programmers are then prepared, describing the internal architecture of the system.

      4. Development

Our programmers work exclusively from the Functional and Design Specifications, using our strict coding standards. With the help of state-of-the-art tools and technologies, they develop applications rapidly, while maintaining top-quality standards.

      5. System Test

Our Quality Assurance specialists begin work from the first day of the project. Functional Specifications must be satisfactory and achievable, and Design Specifications must meet strict reliability and user conveniencestandards.

detailed Test Plan is then developed and methodically followed throughout the coding phase, including independent module inspections, as well as complete system tests.

      6. Implementation

After your project passes our strict testing criteria, we deliver it and integrate it into your environment. Significantly, we do not consider the project to be complete until after the system is fully operational in your own environment.

      7. Support

After the system is installed and functioning, we will provide the complete maintenance for it, and will recommend future enhancements on an as-needed basis.

India Domain’s extensive experience and domain knowledge enable them to offer you cost-effective solutions that are in sync with the best of the breed practices in the industry. This a company that is ideally suited to turn your business in an e-business.

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