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Case Studies
There is a powerful synthesis of emerging business needs and the technology that meets those business needs. And technology throws up interesting opportunities for business.

It is a fascinating tango!

However, it is also critical that we keep in touch with the needs of the industry and the technological developments.

We need to do this to ensure that we, as an organization, keep up-to-date with what is happening and empower ourselves with the skills and knowledge that are necessary to deliver quality solutions. 

To be in the business of providing e-services, businesses need to be well-versed in all the aspects - technology, hardware, infrastructure and the most critical input, the people skills. 
Quality Standards
We are in the process of getting ISO 9001 Certification. We are also putting in place the best industry practices in place to ensure quality of our work and on time delivery of projects. 
We assemble the right mix of tools and people to help you gain a strategic advantage
Verticals      :-    From Manufacturing to Hospitality, from Real Estate to Education.
Functional   :-    From Web Designers to Programmers, from Quality  Specialists to  Business Analysts.
Domain        :-    From online retailing to digital marketplaces, from  content management to supply chain management.
Product      :-     From Microsoft products to Adobe, from Macromedia  to Oracle.
Technical    :-     From ASP programming to WAP, from WebSphere to Palm OS development.
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